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For decades Klimawatt AG has been the general agency of EuroCave, in Switzerland, the inventor of the wine climate chamber from the country of wine (France). The individual solutions offer free-standing and built-in wine climate cabinets up to complete solutions in wine cellar construction and wine cellar air conditioning systems.

As an expert in sustainable and high quality solutions for wine storage and serving, the EuroCave brand covers the whole range of wine climate control cabinet models for every need. You can adapt the equipment of your wine refrigerator according to your needs. Sorting, storing and presenting becomes a pleasure with the modular shelves. Especially popular and unique on the market is the sliding shelf. It can be used for any type of bottle thanks to the patented "Main du Sommelier" bottle holders. Thanks to the presentation shelf, you always have your favourite wines in view and can present them to your guests.

But Klimawatt is also your profiled partner if you want a personal wine cellar in your home or a walk-in wine room in the living area - from the conception to the realisation and air conditioning - everything from one source!

Good to know: we are also YOUR professionals for the air conditioning of your residential and business premises - perfect feel-good climate for people and wine!

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