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At SAMOO, we use only the highest quality materials to design and manufacture products, which can be personalized to meet your needs. SAMOO’s distinctive products, integrate themselves with style and elegance into your various living environments. The promise of SAMOO lies in its individuality and its unique design, adapting to your lifestyle to provide a real sense of value. We live our craft; zealous and perfectionists, we strive to ensure your SAMOO product feels right – enhancing your life and your home.

Your day begins in the bathroom – that fantastic feeling when the functionality of your mirror cabinet exceeds your needs and expectations. Elegant, distinctive and unparralled design, ensure you a sense of thrill with each interaction.

Embrace your personality for your in- and outdoor surroundings! Our unique plant box and other SAMOO objects for the garden, terrace and living area make this possible – all distinctively customized, built with high quality aluminium and finished to your specifications.

SAMOO is a brand of the company s: stebler.

kehrer stebler ag
Südringstrasse 6
4702 Oensingen SO
Tel: 062 388 42 62
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