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Metal - living with design and shine

Metal lives, metal changes, metal adapts and is sustainable. Metal is a fascinating material. It lives, can take on unique forms as well as colours. Metal furniture and accessories are particularly attractive. Roman A. Gerber designs them with great passion according to your wishes in his workshop.

He plans your dream object after a personal consultation and offers you an all-round service. Whether table or chair, wine rack or office furniture, Roman A. Gerber knows how to set them in scene with matching accessories.

The durable metal is ideal for your garden. From barbecues to garden furniture to cycle houses with style and clever functions, your own ideas will be put into practice with passion.

The unique and high-quality RAG products give you years of pleasure through exceptional design and high quality - the "Swiss Label" award guarantees this.

Metal is my passion! Roman A. Gerber, RAG GmbH
Hauptstrasse 49
CH-8543 Gundetswil
Tel:   +41 52 335 15 33
Mob: +41 79 303 54 20
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