Daylight with Heliobus® daylight shaft creates rooms for fitness, office, sauna and living in the basement
Heliobus® daylight shaft creates office space with daylight in the basement
Glassfloor illuminates basements, can be walked on as floor glazing
Glassfloor directs daylight into the basement and enhances your property
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Heliobus® daylight shaft – More space thanks to daylight in the basement

Every homeowner knows the dream of conjuring up a wellness oasis, an additional office or a playroom from the little-used basement. The Heliobus® daylight shaft turns your basement into daylight rooms with real daylight in no time at all.

The principle is both simple and ingenious. A mirrored module is fitted into an existing cellar light shaft and directs natural light into the basement. This illuminates the cellar room and upgrades it to a living room. At the same time, the mirrors open up a view of the environment. Sky, clouds and plants. From the outside, the light shaft is covered with an aesthetically pleasing bullet-proof glass.

The Heliobus® daylight shaft can easily be retrofitted into an existing shaft. Convince yourself of the ingenious system. In the Heliobus® daylight mobile you will experience the impressive before and after effect. Arrange a non-binding demonstration appointment at your home today.

Glassfloor - walkable floor glazing made to measure

The floor glazing is installed flush into terraces, gardens or flat roofs. Glassfloor thus guarantees the unrestricted use of the surfaces. The maximum light transparency combined with the best thermal insulation allows for an ideal use of space. Developed and manufactured with Swissness, the product has proven itself a hundred times over.

Glassfloor planning and installation work is quick and easy. Glassfloor is a clean and safe daylight solution.

In medical terms, daylight is an important elixir of vitality that cannot be replaced by artificial lighting. With Heliobus® daylight shaft and Glassfloor you invest in your health and enhance the value of your property.

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