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With this pearl from the innovative Swiss company EISENHORN you can train all your favourite exercises on one device.

Hundreds of exercises are possible, from lat, rowing, deadlift to leg press.

This revolutionary Swiss training device can be rotated 360 degrees and moved in height - even completely blocked, for exampl for pull-ups or sling training. Easy adjustment for everyone. No matter whether beginner or ambitious professional athlete, finds its optimal attitude.

The highlight. The optional design cabinet is a benefit for every living area. Without a visible connection, the cabinet floats on the wall. The interior hides the EISENHORN and all accessories. The device disappears in a few seconds and is ready for use again just as quickly. The simple design of the closed unit allows an inconspicuous integration into any home or office environment.

For optimal use of the device, EISENHORN provides a freely accessible training database. Here you can click on the desired muscle groups and the appropriate exercise suggestions will appear.
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