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Sustainable Wooden Furniture with a social background

CONTACT Work «Wood+Textile» is an offer of CONTACT, the Foundation for Addiction Care active in the canton of Berne. Since 1976 we offer workplaces to people who suffer from a drug addiction. Today, up to 22 people work in wood- and textile-processing workshops.

We offer qualitatively outstanding wood furniture and textile products. Among other things we produce furniture made of FSC-certified wood of Swiss origin as well as bags and accessories made of new or recycled material. The sizable demand is recognition of the quality of our products. Very gratifying are the positive reactions to our new urban gardening bed as well as to our timeless classic, the «Z-Stool».

It is the goal of CONTACT Work «Wood+Textile» to give people with a drug addiction a daily structure that promotes their social integration. We support the socio-professional reintegration into the job market. Our aim is the stabilisation of the living conditions of our clients.
CONTACT Arbeit Holz+Textil
Wankdorffeldstrasse 102
3014 Bern
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