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„Grill the master“

Our masterful barbecue tables "à la carte" for indoors and outdoors!

We are grill table à la carte and distributor for exceptional grill-fire-eat and lounge tables as well as saunas!

From high quality materials we carefully plan your individual table as a unique piece! With the "Grill table à la carte" you have more than 30 different inserts at your disposal!

Our tables are also a special eye-catcher with Fireline, the height-adjustable flame integrated in the table !

Not to forget our dreamlike "saunas" made of glass, wood or combinable in different versions for indoors and outdoors in various sizes! As a ready-made sauna or individually planned for your home.

For individual requests - special dimensions or something unique just for you - please contact us. Nothing is impossible! Let us inspire you with our extraordinary products!


Birkenmatt 1
6343 Rotkreuz
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GF: Claudia Mähler
Tel. 078 866 02 92
Ansprechpartner Vertrieb:
Klaus Amtmann
Tel. 078 901 61 94
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