Kitchen machines from bamix®, Swiss
Swiss kitchen machine by bamix®, universally applicable.
Swiss kitchen machine swissline du bamix®, Switzerland

For more than 60 years bamix®, the Swiss kitchen machine , has conquered the world.

Whipping, foaming, emulsifying, grinding, cutting, grating: bamix® has been making it possible for over 60 years. This universal kitchen machine, invented in Switzerland by Roger Perrinjaquet, was sold for the first time in 1954 and has fascinated cooks around the globe ever since.

The concept of the bamix® has never changed. "It is enough to connect the bamix® to the electricity supply, place it in the vessel with the various ingredients and activate it at the push of a button. The result is perfect in just a few moments," said the inventor at the time. He saw the great advantage of his food processor in the fact that the appliance can be used directly in the container with the ingredients to be processed - without long spills. He called it bamix, a combination of "battre et mixer".

Swiss kitchen machine by bamix®, Swiss made

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