Regal von aeon, dem Schweizer Designer Janós Mitschjeta
Design table and sideboard by the Swiss label aeon, Janós Mitschjeta
Lowboard and leather armchair by designer Janós Mitschjeta, aeon
Modern sitting Swiss Made by aeon, Janós Mitschjeta
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aeon designer furniture - a unified lifestyle.

Whether chair, table, sideboard or shelf; Janós Mitschjeta designs, plans and implements the entire aeon line. His "gut instinct", and not the market or a trend, determines the shapes and materials of the objects, which is clearly visible in the constant, harmonious and timeless design. The finished pieces are raw, direct and honest, no overdesign, nothing impossible, simplest mechanisms for daily use. The driving force is passion and the result is his lifeblood.

With this philosophy, Janós Mitschjeta would like to appeal to and inspire mainly individualists with a sense for the classical Bauhaus style, lovers of genuine materials, admirers of active craftsmanship and friends of the timeless style. Through the sale ex works and personal contact with the customer, the furniture receives a worthy conclusion to the entire manufacturing process and an appreciated new beginning at the customer's home as an object of use.
Janós Mitschjeta
Gerenstrasse 41
9200 Gossau SG
Phone +41 (0)71 383 16 58
Mobile +41 (0)79 888 97 41
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